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We specialize in mountain bikes, parts, accessories and mountain bike clothing for all your bike rides.  All of these items are at a great discounted price so you will find what you are looking for here and at the same time really save some money on your purchase today.

We have included information to help you understand mountain bike classifications. 

This bike often goes by several different names; Cross Country, Mountain Cross and even Four Cross. These bikes have totally abandoned long term durability for lightweight speed and handling. The pedaling platform takes centre stage on these racing bikes making speedy travel and fast cornering the main objective.

The downhill mountain bike is everything that a cross country bike is not, as there is nothing lightweight and soft about this bike. The suspension travel is generally long, coming in at around 9 inches and is extra stiff. They are designed primarily to race downhill using gravity as the pulling force and the lack of low gears prevent them from handling much else. Their weight makes them almost impossible to pedal uphill so most riders go up the mountain via ski lift or other means of shuttle transport to the top.

While the freeride bike looks very similar to the downhill bike, it has a few major differences that set it apart. Unlike the downhill bike, the freeride bike is equipped to handle jumps and stunts on the way
down the mountain. Components are heavier to withstand harsher landings, length is slightly shorter, and the bikes can be pedaled on regular trails.

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If by chance you did not find what you was looking for today, please come back again.  The stock changes often.

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